Hoosier Rideboard

Hoosier Rideboard

Find rides or riders

Hoosier Rideboard is for all IU students, faculty, and staff who are looking for carpool partners or one-time carpool trips. Only IU students, faculty, and staff can register and will be able to see your profile.

Use Hoosier Rideboard to travel to

  • Another IU campus
  • Class or work
  • Concerts or sporting events
  • Other cities
  • The Indianapolis airport

How it works

  • Create your profile. Only other registered users will be able to see it.
  • Search for rides or riders. Enter a ‘one-time trip’ to find or offer rides or ‘carpool’ to find matches and share your routine ride to work or class.
  • Contact a prospective travel match.
  • Work out the details of your one-time trip or carpool.

By creating a profile, you agree to the terms and conditions of the program and assume all risks.

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