Carpooling is the most common form of ridesharing. It consists of two or more commuters, including the driver, who regularly ride to work together.

Full Time Employee Eligibility: 2 or 3 person Carpool The non-permit holding participant(s) receive 12 one-day EM-P permits when they join the program and may purchase additional one-day permits at full price.

Appointed graduate students and qualifying fellowship recipient eligibility: 2 person Carpool issued by semester

The non-permit holding participant(s) receive 5 Crimson Card garage validations when they join the program

Temporary employees are not eligible to participate in the carpool program.

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Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

The ERH program is available to anyone in a carpool or vanpool. You receive up to six rides home per year in case an emergency disrupts your shared ride arrangement. To request an ERH, simply hail a taxi or another ride hailing service such as Uber or Lyft, keep your receipt, and request a reimbursement.

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