Bicycle Parking

Parking your bike

Lock your bike. Always lock the frame, not just the wheel! We highly recommend purchasing a hefty U-lock rather than a skinny cable lock as they are harder to break. Register your bike with the Office of Parking Operations and record the serial number. This info will be important in case your bike is ever stolen.

Bicycles on campus should only be locked to bicycle racks. Don’t lock your bike to any other object. IU may remove your bicycle if it is locked to anything other than a bike rack.

The Office of Parking Operations will assess a $20 fine for each of these violations:

  • Impeding pedestrian traffic, including access for people with disabilities
  • Parking in administrative or classroom buildings (unless otherwise designated), and residence hall stairwells or hallways
  • Parking or fastening bikes to bus shelters, bushes, trees or plants, accessible ramps, electrical fixtures fences, handrails, light poles, telephone poles, public seating, signs, pipes (e.g., water, steam, gas), or trash cans; or
  • Occupying more than one bike space.

Image showing secure locking; lock the frame and front wheel using a U-lock

Image showing most secure locking; lock the frame, front wheel, and rear wheel

Impounded bikes

Contact the Office of Parking Operations with a description of your bike and your bike permit number. You have 90 days to claim your bicycle in the event that it is impounded. After 90 days, it will be sold through IU Surplus or donated to the Bloomington Community Bike Project.

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