Ballantine Bike Hub

Check out the new bike hub at Ballantine Hall, which is free for the entire IU community to use!

Ballantine Bike Hub Policies

This bike hub is provided at no charge to the campus community. Please respect others and the space by following these standards.

  1. This space is for daily bike commuters. Long-term storage is not allowed.
  2. This space operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Only bikes may be stored in this space. Other items such as scooters and motorcycles may be impounded.
  4. Do not block the entrances or position bikes in a manner that impedes others from entering, exiting, or using the racks.
  5. The floor racks are intended for use by those who cannot lift a bike onto the wall racks and bikes that do not fit on the wall racks like cargo and recumbent bikes.
  6. Register your bike with the Office of Parking Operations.
  7. IU is not responsible for lost or stolen items. LOCK YOUR BIKE AT ALL TIMES using a heavy U-lock through the frame and both tires. Each user must provide their own bike lock.
  8. Report any suspicious activity, vandalism, or damage to building to IUPD immediately at 812-855-4111.