Registration and Permits

Registration and Permits

IU employees and students who park a bike on campus are required to register their bike and display a valid permit.

Register your bike

The primary reason to register your bike is to prevent theft and to identify your bike in the event that it is stolen. When registering, the make, model, color, and serial number of your bike is recorded for future reference. You should also keep a record of your own.

Bike registration and permits cost $10.00. It is a one-time fee for as long as you own the bike. If you want to park a different bike on campus, you will need to register it separately.

Once your registration is processed, you will receive an email with instructions to purchase your bike permit.

Register your bike

Employees who primarily bike to work are eligible for Hoosier Commuter Club benefits.

Stolen bikes

If your bike is stolen, report it to IUPD immediately at 812-855-4111. If the police don’t know that your bike is stolen, they can’t get it back to you or be on the lookout. Have the color, make, model, and serial number handy so that the police can identify the bicycle. A photo of you and the bicycle is also useful for identification purposes. Then, report it missing to Parking Operations.

Locate your bike’s serial number

Most serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet. Turn your bike upside down and record the number. If there is no serial number near the cranks, other common areas include the front headset or rear stays.

bike serial number location