Winter Bike Challenge

Winter Bike Challenge

Thank you to all participants of the 2020 Winter Bike Challenge. We hope you’ll join us next year.

  1. Enjoy a bike ride.
  2. Log it on the Winter Bike Challenge. You can connect via your favorite fitness app, however, you must manually log for other activities (e.g., encouraging others, more than one trip per day, Halloween special drawing.)
  3. Earn points, climb the leaderboards, and win prizes!

How to win:

1 point = 1 prize entry

The more you ride and encourage others, the more points you earn to increase your chances of winning prizes. You don’t have to be a Tour de France cyclist to take part. All types of rides count. A quick ride around the block is enough to earn you points and add your name to the drawing.

1 mile = 1 point
1 ride = 15 points
1 rider encouraged = 25 points
1 Halloween special drawing = 20 points