Rent a car by the hour or day and park it back in its dedicated parking spot. Enjoy all of the perks of owning a car and none of the hassles.

  • Reserve online or using your mobile device
  • Access to cars 24/7
  • Available to drivers 18+, including international
  • Gas and insurance included
  • Great for grocery, shopping, and running errands
  • Discounted university rates

Are you a member of student government, RPS, orientation, or the Hoosier Commuter Club? If so, you qualify for special discounts and rates. Contact us for more info at

Zipcars are available on campus at these convenient locations:

  • 7th Street and Rose Avenue
  • Across from Ernie Pyle Hall
  • Campus View Apartments
  • Eigenmann Hall

Join and rent a car today!

Save with Zipcar and the Hoosier Commuter Club (HCC)

Hoosier Commuter Club (HCC) members receive special Zipcar discounts. To receive this discount:

  1. If you aren’t already a member of HCC, complete the HCC application and await your approval confirmation (typically within 24 business hours).
  2. Once your HCC membership is confirmed, sign up for Zipcar for HCC members.
  3. Upon completion and approvals, you’ll be successfully entered in the program and receive your Zipcard in the mail within 7–10 days.
  4. Upon receipt of your Zipcard, $9.50 in credit will be issued every 30 days, which expires every 60 days (max $19 in credit every 60 days).
  5. When you make a reservation, the reservation expense is debited from the driving credit you’ve accrued.